Are you working on a construction site? Are all of the people there following all the health and safety regulations? If someone gets injured on site, can you help them effectively? If you answered no to any of these questions, then this is the service for you. SMSTS Essex is the most ideal option for anyone in general who works on a building site. We provide some of the best customer service and training in the whole of Essex. So why wouldn’t you want to come and learn how to stay safe with us? We are the best choice by far.

Why using our SMSTS Essex service is a must while working in construction.

We educate everyone who decides to take this course as much as we can. Just like on a building site, you need to be aware in everyday life. The lessons, aspects and levels of understanding will transcend into everyday life and knowledge. That level of teaching is what we strive for in our customers. If you agree that the level of learning should be at this level, click here to be taken to the service. 

How does knowing this service benefit the work environment?

Safety! Safety overall is the most important thing that anyone should put first whilst they are working. No matter the situation, if someone gets hurt while on site, it is up to the people who know SMSTS. Before, during and after a situation has occurred to do with employee wellbeing, SMSTS is paramount to know. If you would like to know more about the course we teach on this or have additional questions, contact us here.

Our team understands that some companies make people pay very expensive prices to learn the things we teach. However, we make it extremely affordable for anyone who would like to learn. It can save someone’s life one day. A study was done that showed Falls account for 33% of all construction deaths, and eliminating falls in construction would save more than 300 lives every year. This information can be found here.