Emergency First Aid at Work Essex

Emergency First Aid at Work Essex is key when working in any sort of environment. Safety is the most important aspect both in and out of work. With this being known, it is ideal for people to know how to look after one another, and themselves. So when not just 1 person, but everyone knows first aid, it makes the work environment safer. Here at AM Training, we will teach you first aid at an affordable and convenient price. So if you are an employee or employer, this is the best chance for you to be able to learn first aid.

What emergency first aid at work Essex helps with while in the workplace.

Has someone hurt themselves badly? Is someone choking? Has someone lost consciousness? Can you be the one to help them? You might think you can, but without the correct training, you can make things worse. 

You might not even have a clue where to start. In a workplace, you are part of a team where friends can be made, so to know you can help a lot aids morale as well. If you agree with us on these statements, you can find the courses we teach here

Who we target with these styles of training courses.

The ideal group of people who we target with this course are those interested in emergency first aid and nominated first aiders working in low risk environments. This will be considered to be for the average workplace. So the number of people who we will be able to teach this to are a very high number. A recent statistic, released by St John’s Ambulance, has revealed that 140’000 people die each year in the UK from incidents where first aid could have possibly saved their lives. More information can be found here. Knowing that number, the job and service we provide becomes much more serious. If you are interested or have a keen interest in learning first aid, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our contact information and location can be found here.

Emergency First Aid at Work Essex