Mobile Towers

Mobile Towers are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on any site. This Mobile Towers course will ensure candidates are able to erect and dismantle towers and understand current legislation.

Who should attend?

Anyone in an organisation, who assembles, alters, dismantles, moves, inspects, and most importantly uses alloy or fibreglass mobile access towers in the workplace. This not only includes construction sites but all workplaces, such as schools, offices, and factories both internally and externally.

Aims and objectives of the course:

To impart the necessary knowledge and skills required by the designated persons to safely use, check, inspect and tag a mobile aluminium tower structure. To provide the necessary knowledge, so that each delegate will have the necessary understanding to move, dismantle, check for damage and carry out weekly inspections of a mobile aluminium tower structure with due regard to health and safety.

At the end of the course delegates will:

Understand the safety requirements
Understand and interpret the manufacturer’s instructions.
Understand the procedure for checking component items
Show an awareness of the hazards and risks involved in using and moving towers
Ensure a safe means of access is maintained.
Ensure stability of mobile tower structures.
Calculate the height to base ratios for all situations, to enable safe use at all times with due regard to health and safety.
Understand and ensure safe working loads are not exceeded.
Display understanding of erection, moving and dismantling operations.

Throughout the course, the following topics will be introduced, explained or demonostrated to the delegates:



Working Platforms

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Tied towers

Wind speed

Hazard Spotting

Inspection & Tagging

Care and Maintenance

Safe working height

Use of stabilizers

Parts of a tower



Throughout the course there is a constant assessment by the instructor who will ask questions about what he has covered in the course, some may be theoretical and some may be practical. At the end of the course, there is a 30-question, multiple-choice paper to be completed by all delegates. A pass mark of 72% is set for all delegates. Once these papers are marked and delegates passed then they will proceed to a 15-minute practical assessment.


All delegates that succeed with the course will receive an A4 certificate of attendance this will be valid for 3 years.

the following are frequently asked questions about the Mobile Towers course:

What is Required?

There are no requirements to partake in the Mobile Towers course.

How Long is the Course?

The total length of the course is: Half-Day

£80.00 Per Delegate Excluding VAT