Asbestos Awareness

Completing an Asbestos Awareness Course is essential for employees whose work holds the potential to expose them to asbestos. Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 (Amended 2012) puts a requirement on employers to ensure that their staff have undergone suitable asbestos awareness training so that they are aware of the potential dangers they may face and also the procedures they must follow in the event they are working in the vicinity of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Who should attend?

Asbestos Awareness training is required to be given to employees whose work could expose them to asbestos. In particular, it should be given to all demolition workers and workers in the refurbishment, maintenance, and allied trades where it is foreseeable that their work will disturb the fabric of the building, because asbestos products may become exposed during their work.

Aims and objectives of the course:

To provide awareness and development of knowledge to site-based employees of the hazards and risks posed by asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within their everyday working environment and an overview of the legislative measures in place to safeguard themselves and others affected by work activities

Throughout the course, the following topics will be introduced, explained or demonostrated to the delegates:

Asbestos Regulations
What is Asbestos
Types Of Asbestos
How Harmful is Asbestos
Asbestos-related diseases
How to identify Asbestos
Where can you find Asbestos
Who still exports Asbestos
When was Asbestos banned in the UK
How much Asbestos is still in the UK
Asbestos risk assessment
Asbestos death figures


Throughout the course there is a constant assessment by the instructor who will ask questions about what he has covered in the course, some may be theoretical and some may be practical. At the end of the course, there is a 30-question, multiple-choice paper to be completed by all delegates. A pass mark of 72% is set for all delegates. Once these papers are marked and delegates passed then they will proceed to a 15-minute practical assessment.


All delegates that succeed with the course will receive an A4 certificate of attendance this will be valid for 3 years.

the following are frequently asked questions about the Asbestos Awareness course:

What is Required?

There are no requirements to partake in the Asbestos Awareness course.

How Long is the Course?

The total length of the course is: Half-Day

With the course, can I or my Workforce work with asbestos?

No. the workforce is not allowed to work with Asbestos,

£80.00 Per Delegate Excluding VAT